Monday, 22 April 2013

DIY Goodbye Cards

Yeah so.... it's been a while, hey?
Whoopsie daisy! I know I promised that I would stop dropping off the face of the Earth unannounced, but things have been pretty much insane these past two weeks!
♥ I celebrated my 19th birthday ;) Woot woot, and for all of you that don't know, 19 is the legal drinking age in British Columbia, so things are going to start getting a lot crazier around here! (but probably not... this is a crafting blog... how crazy can it get?)
♥ I went to my first open house
♥ Had all of my exams and just finished my last one this morning, so I am officially done my first year of University!! 
♥ Got a sweet job as a hostess
♥ Said bye to my mom, who left for a few weeks to work in a hospital in Haiti (go mom!)
♥ And I also packed up my room at school! And let me tell you, I am so happy to get out of res
The building I live in is about 60 years old and from the looks of it it used to be a prison. Very happy to be back in my room at home, where I actually have space to stretch!
But one thing I'm pretty bummed about is saying bye to all my friends and floormates in residence
I've met some pretty amazing people this year, and not all of them are coming back next year, so I thought I would make them each a little card to say bye-bye
I was at this amazing little boutique by my house and they sell these adorable little chevron bags, so that gave me a cute little idea for my cards
What you'll need:
♥ Chevron Bags- Check out your local boutique... maybe you'll get lucky? Otherwise, no worries, you can find them all over the interwebs, for example here! They come in lots of different colours and you can even find polkadot bags! Cuuuute
♥ Washi Tape- So I finally gave in to the voice inside my head and bought myself some Washi Tape. If you guys remember from one of my earlier posts, I was complaining about the price of Washi Tape, so I made my own (you can find the tutorial here). You can make some, or you can buy it at any craft store!
♥ Shipping Tags- Unless you have a box of these in your drawer, you cannot call yourself a crafter! Jokes. But seriously, these are an absolute crafting must. They are just so cute! You can buy a box of about 200 of these at Staples or where have you for about 3 dollars
♥ Baking Twine- This stuff is seriously pretty expensive. It's like 12$ per roll... for some string! But it is sooo cute. But I'll share a post with you guys in a little while about where to find a good deal on this stuff!
♥ Jelly Beans or other small yummy goodies
♥ Stickers, ribbon, glitter, or whatever else you want to use to decorate your cards with

And you are ready to go
I'm just going to go through the steps I took, but ya'll can just do whatever you want. Get crazy!
First I added some black stripped Washi Tape to the bottom of the cards I was making for my male friends
I knew they wouldn't want any part of the lacy flowery cards I had planned for all my female friends
Threw on some blue and white twine that matched the bag, just keeping it simple
Write on a little message
I would recommend writing with a thin tip sharpie pen. They write so beautifully, and the shipping tags are thick enough that the ink doesn't bleed through
Throw my card into a bag
Sprinkle in some jelly beans, and you're done!
I did the same thing for the girls' cards except I added a lacy sticker to the bottom instead of Washi Tape
I honestly have no idea where you can buy this. One of the highlights of my life (I lead a very exciting life) was when I found out that my boyfriend Alexander's mom used to work at a scrap booking company, and she hooked me up with a bunch of dope scrap booking materials, like this lace sticker :') Nicest lady around!
If you are really into this lace, I'm sure you could find it at Michael's or any other craft supplier!
Then I topped the card with a tissue paper pansy
If you want to learn how to make your own tissue paper pansy, stick around because I'll be posting the tutorial on Wednesday!
Cute hey?
And there you have it, folks!

Again, sorry for disappearing on you all, but I'm back and with more energy than ever! Do I sound invigorated? Because I feel like a FREE BIRD

Hope to see you guys again tomorrow! Goodnight
♥ Olivia


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  3. Love this!

    1. Awe, thank you! :* I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Hi Olivia, such a beautiful work!
    Love the papers colors and the flower!
    Thank you so much for answered me!
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    1. Thanks so much!
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    1. Thank you!!
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