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Hi There! It seems I have forgotten to introduce myself! So here is a bit about me...
My name's Olivia. I am currently a student at the University of British Columbia, living on the wild wild west coast, hoping to get into med's school in a couple of years! I'm also pretty much a 40 year old housewife at heart, because why else would I have a crafting blog, right?
I was a very creative kid. I thought that fish lived in my sink, that crocodiles lived in my stomach, and that my stuffed animals controlled thunder and lightning. So of course, from a young age, I have always loved arts and crafts. From macaroni art, to spoon people, my mom had to pretend to love a lot of junk. Nowadays, I just love to make nice things for the people that I love. A few other things that I love are cursive writing, my friends' closets, lace, floral tea cups, red lipstick, boyfriend hoodies, rowing, acting, piano (I've been playing as long as I've been crafting!), daffodils, singing (I'm terrible), sunshine (obviously), daisies, and my blue suede wedge heels. But I really really love animals, my family, my friends, by boyfriend Alexander, and music. I started this blog so that I could exhibit all the things I love, all the things I made with love, and to help you guys make things with love too!

But enough about me!
Aside from my blue suede heels, I also love a lot of people in my life, and I hope you will love them too because you will be seeing them a lot in my little blog:

My older sister Ulianna
Pretty much any creative thing I have ever done in my life (or at least early life), I have copied from my older sister. If she had had the chance, she would have probably killed me when I was a little kid. But nowadays Ulianna and I are best friends; unfortunately, now she lives on the other side of the country (funny how that works). In her effort to save the world someday, Ulianna is currently finishing off her final year in her sustainable energy course, but once she is done, she is jumping on a plane straight back to the West Coast (you can't quit the West Coast!). When she isn't busy making solar panels and dreading her hair, Ulianna likes to arch, meditate, do yoga, and all that other hippy stuff.

That's really her! On the left
Rachel and our friend Mo

Lucky for you guys, my gorgeous friend Rachel has agreed to let me photograph her from time to time for my blog. Not only is she stunning, but she is also probably the nicest person I know. When she isn't busy being beautiful (oh wait... that's always), Rachel likes to trapeze (is that even a verb), row, not clean her room, not spell things correctly (ha ha), and she is currently on my University's ski team. Yay Rachel.

Do you have those friend's that are just good at everything? That's my friend Vivian. She is a genius, super creative, warms a bench like no one else, and she is gorgeous. And she has also (reluctantly) agreed to also model for me. Thank's Vivian. When Vivian isn't busy being good at everything, she likes to stalk my cat... annnnnd, that's pretty much all.


  1. you're such a sweet person! my best friend goes to UBC too! <3

    1. Small world!
      Maybe I know her :)