Thursday, 21 March 2013

a list

So who here is obsessed with Vampire Diaries!?
I know I am
No judgement please ;)
It's been my guilty pleasure for the past few months
I watch it and feel ridiculous because I've never been one to really jump on the vampire bandwagon, but I'm hooked! And Damon is HOT ha ha
I even managed to convince my boyfriend that it is a guy show, and he believed me!! (shh, don't tell him I lied) So we have been watching it together
So this week's Featured Nail Colour of the Week is an homage to my favorite TV show
a list by essie
It's a deep bloody red, love it
I'm not delusional, I know that the closest I'll ever get to being a vampire is this nail colour ;) But hey, a girl can dream

You guys keep dreaminig too!
And tune back in tomorrow for another DIY project

♥ Olivia

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