Wednesday, 27 March 2013

DIY Pearl Bobby Pins

You know those times when you're patrolin' the town, and hitting up the shops, and you see something you want to buy but then you think "wait... I could totally make that!"?
Well I know that feeling all too well
I think I'm like most girls in that I love stuff, but I hate spending money ;)
Well that's where this tutorial comes from
I see these cute bobby pins everywhere, and I'm always so tempted to buy them, but I know it would just be a waste of money
♥ Bobby Pins
♥ Pearl Beads
♥ Thin Pliable Wire
Cut a small piece of wire (about 4 inches in length)
Fold it in half and leave the folded end curved (you may want to fold it around your finger), as shown in the picture
Stick the wire through the closed end of your bobby pin. Then, weave the bottom end of said wire through the top end (as shown in the top left photo)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look up the lark's head knot here
Once you have a lark's head knot, pull it as tight as you can (as shown in the top right photo)
You can even wrap some of the wire around the knot a few times, just to get it extra secure 
Stick the two wires through your pearl bead
For some reason this photo is focused on my finger print...
Secure down the loose wires by wrapping them around the bobby pin a few times, and cutting off the leftover wire
And viola!
Your lovely inexpensive pearl bobby pins. They're girly, classy, and they stay in better than regular bobby pins because the wire creates friction between the pin and your hair (was friction the right word to use there? I never payed attention in physics...)

Have an excellent day. I'm not even gonna go into how beautiful the weather is here, because I could go on about it forever... but hopefully spring has sprung your town

♥ Olivia


  1. Such a cute DIY! Good job!

    Ali of

    1. Thank you Ali! Trying to class up everyday life ;) haha


  2. Cute! These would be fun to layer for a dressy occasion:)

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm definitely interested in following each other--I'm already following you! So I'm super obsessed with pearls right now and I love this idea!

    1. They are so pretty right!?
      If any of your siblings still speak Ukrainian tell them привіт :) Ukrainian pride xo!

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  5. Wow, as a pretty princess. Awesome.


  6. Thanks for the comment. I'm totally with you, it's one of those things I just can't wrap my head around.
    Love this tutorial though, Just followed you!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm loving your blog :)