Tuesday, 23 October 2012

First Aid Kit

My boyfriend, Alexander, likes to get hurt a lot

So I thought I would make him a first aid kit for his birthday!

First: I found this awesome hand made box from Chapters that was on sale for only 15$ (Here is the Link)
Next: I painted on a red cross with nail polish (Essie A-list) after carefully measuring and then laying down  tape so I could get a perfect cross
Finally: I filled it with lots of goodies! Since my mom is a doctor, she gave me a list of stuff that would be useful for him to have. Some of the supplies in the box included:
Colourful band-aids
♥  Waterproof band-aids
 A pill vial (actually a stack-able bead storage container... Here is a link to get yourself one, but I just found mine at the dollar store) full of decongestants, Tylenol, and Antioxidant pills (you can get these in bulk at Costco) 
♥ Tensor Bandage
♥ Polysporin 
♥ Steri-strips 
♥ Normal Saline
♥ Gause
♥ Chlorhexidine 2% (Awesome anti-bacterial. No idea where my mom got this one)
♥ Et cetera...

Yay! Now he can at least take care of his gross infected cuts and other injuries!
Hopefully you guys are all healthy and happy too :)

♥ Olivia