Saturday, 20 October 2012

(not so) Spooky Halloween Acorns

Looking for an easy Halloween DIY craft? Well here it is... 
These acorns are festive, easy and adorable! 
Your Materials:
♥ White-out or white acrylic paint
♥ Thin tip sharpie
♥ Acorns
♥ Glue

*Since I made these in my dorm room, my crafting materials were limited, so I just used white out; however, white-out acorns are more prone to cracking, so if you want longer lasting acorns, use white acrylic paint

First: Remove you acorn's beret (I told you this craft was easy)

Next: Colour in your acorn
If you have more patience than I do, and you don't want to get your fingers messy, then paint the base of the acorn first, let it dry, and then paint the top part

Now: this is where your creativity kicks in. Drawing the face on the acorn. If you are lacking in the creative department, you can try looking up pumpkin carvings and copy those... and no one has to know!
There isn't really any specific trick to this, just use your thin tip sharpie, although you may want to draw it in pencil first to avoid making a mistake and ruining your acorn.

Finally: Glue your acorn's hat back on. I used super glue, but literally any glue will work. I've used white glue and a glue stick, and they've all worked fine :)

And there you have your spooky little acorn family!

Have a good weekend guys, and Happy Halloween

♥ Olivia


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