Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lucky Star Origami

Lucky stars have a different meaning depending on how many you give at a time:
1 star: The only one
2 stars: Happy Couple
9 stars: Love for a long time
55 stars: Love you with no regrets
99 stars: May the friendship/love last forever
101 stars: You are the one
365/366 stars: Whole year of blessings
520 stars: I love you
548 stars: Can't stop loving you
999 stars: Endless love
1314 stars: Eternity of love
And a full jar of stars brings lots of good luck to the recipient :)

I made this jar for my boyfriend before he went to Japan for a rugby tournament to bring him and the team some good luck, but I really did it because I had too much fun making them and got carried away
Lucky Stars are super easy once you get the hang of them, but confusing at the start.
So here is a (hopefully) simple explanation of how to make these cute little stars

Your Materials:
♥ Scissors
♥ Pretty Paper*

*If you have pre-cut origami strips, than that is even better! You can get them at most Asian stationary stores, and I've seen them at big craft stores.

First: Cut your strips. You can make them as thick as you want, and that should dictate how long it should be; however, 1cmx14cm, I find, is a good size. You also want to make it longer than it probably needs to be in the beginning, because you could always just cut it down

Second: Fold one end of the paper strip over the other so that the coloured part of the paper is facing out

Third: Gently tie the slip of paper into a knot and then flatten it. Work at it till you get it tight, and in a perfect pentagon shape
This may take a while to get the hang of!
Once you're done that, fold down the piece of paper that is sticking out

Fourth: Start wrapping the strip of paper around your pentagon and then lightly creasing the paper. Just let the paper guide you! And if your pentagon starts looking more like a square than you know you did something wrong

Next: Make sure that you don't wrap around too much paper or else your star will be too stiff for the last step
Once you think you are finished wrapping, tuck in the excess paper into the little pouch you have formed.

This is the part that always confused me :)
Lastly: Use your fingernail to press into one of the sides of your pentagon. Do this gently, and it should puff up nicely. Do this again for every side.

And there you have your lucky star! Now have fun making them all the time, everywhere.

Tips and Other Things:
♥ This takes a while to get a hang of. Try experimenting with different types of paper. I find regular paper too flimsy, and card paper too stiff. Scrap booking paper works best in my opinion

♥ If your pentagon is getting too thick while you are wrapping it, just cut off the excess paper

♥ Don't give up on your first try! It takes practice, and it's easy once you get it

♥ By the way: I got that cute little glass bottle in the first picture from Michaels for 1$, which is crazy cheap for a store like Michaels!

♥ Another cute thing you can do is leave a little note in your lucky stars to make your recipients day! Just write a little note in each one after the knot stage! 




  1. This is so cute! I love making these!

    1. Me too! They are addicting ;) I have so many I don't know what to do with them
      Thank you

    2. Ty :) Its my First wedding anniversary this month the paper anniversary....thanks for the wonderful idea. We love stars!!! Theses are easy to make and fun.

    3. awe that's so sweet! hope he loved it!

  2. Thank you! Other website did not work. I checked 4 websites and a lot of videos on Youtube, but this is the only one that worked.After I made one, I went on one of the other website and it did not work.

  3. This was really cute and helpful and the picture of the stars in the jar is pretty. c:

    1. Thanks you so much :) hope it helped!

  4. Thank you! These are amazing!

  5. Waaa :D I really liked to do star origami ever since ^^ What you did was great :)

  6. :O My friend gave me this a couple of months ago, but I didn't know what it was supposed to mean! I just thought it was something cute... Makes me feel bad that a gave a few for my nieces to keep :/ Would've had 55 and a full jar :P

  7. i can't seem to make this but i want to give 520 to my friend on the first day the snow falls

  8. Errr... Hi guys, I have an upcoming project which requires alot of origami stars (on the scale of 100-500)... Is there a place where I can buy one of these jars premade and filled with stars? Would really appreciate the help as the project is coming soon...

  9. Hi Tristan, I know someone who makes a lot of these little stars if you still need them. Please contact

  10. I make then in class when I am bored .. literally

  11. i am planning to make 10,000 for my wife as a wedding anniversary gift. Any idea what's the container size i need to get?