Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pretty Fabric Mason Jar Votives

You guys may have seen my floral material lined Mason Jars back in my tutorial about the 3D Hand Print. Here is the link in case you missed it :)
So I just thought that I would show you guys a tutorial of how I did them!
They are super useful for storage or even just as lovely lanterns (who doesn't love lanterns?)

Your Materials:
♥ Mason Jars- I got these from my grandma... but I have seen big boxes of these in Save on Foods and other grocery stores :) I seriously recommend you invest in these. They are a crafting necessity!
♥ Mod-Podge
♥ Cloth Material- It's usually pretty easy to find sales on material. I got mine from Fanny's Fabric. There was a 50% off sale for a meter of material... I got 3/4th's of a meter of the pink, and 1/4th's of a meter of the blue, which cost me about 6$, and that has lasted me a number of crafts! You can also just cut up some old clothes or a table cloth... anything you want!
♥ Ruler- Measuring tape would be best, but a normal ruler will work too!
♥ Paint Brush- optional... you will also want a cup that you can get gluey, and some water, but I was sure most of you would have cups and water

Measure the circumference of your jar
I couldn't find my measuring tape, so I just used a piece of string that I then measured on my ruler

Measure the height of your jar
Measure it to the top of the jar... for example, I used 11cm for my number
I do this so I can avoid it being too short. You can always cut it down later, and I usually keep the lids on, so it doesn't make a difference aesthetically

Use these measurements, and mark them down on your material
Make it a little longer than you think you should, only by a few mm

Cut the material into inch wide strips

Mix your glue solution in your cup
Mix roughly half water half glue- it doesn't really matter

Dip one material strip in your glue mixture
Completely saturate your entire strip... your fingers will get gluey!

Stick your material strip to the inside of the jar

You can use your paint brush to squeeze out any air bubbles. This is sometimes a bit of a hopeless battle, especially if you have a square jar, but in the end, it doesn't look very much worse when it's dry
Continue sticking the strips all around the inside the jar and pushing out the air bubbles.
It's okay if the material overlaps a bit if you need it to. If you look at mine, I do a whole lot of that

And there you have it!
Your own floral mason jars :)

Make sure you hold onto the material, because I will be showing you guys more crafts that will require material!

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Take the same mason jar you used, and a piece of material from the last project, and take the lid off the jar. Place the piece of cloth over the jar, and then screw the lid back on- getting rid of the circle part of the lid. Then cut the material around the lid... and there you go

Well it was fun procrastinating here with you guys, but I've got a history essay due tomorrow that I haven't started.... so till the next time!

♥ Olivia


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