Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tile Photos

Every time I visit my grandma, I need to prepare myself for her speech about how digital cameras these days  are useless because you can't have a physical copy of the photo... She doesn't seem to understand that you can just print off the photo at any grocery store, but I digress...
She does, however, have kind of a point. Something about putting in that minimal amount of work is so off putting. And then you need to worry about picture frames and such. Well if you suffer from the problems I just described... then here is your simple solution!
There can be used for wall decorations, or even coasters :)
They are super cheap, and take about 5 minutes each

Your Materials:
 Tiles- Most hardware stores will sell you samples of these for super cheap. I know Canadian Tire doesn't do this,  Rona does, and I got them for about 0.40$ each
 Paint brush
 Sponge- I used a makeup sponge!
 Pictures- I printed these out on plain white printer paper. I feel like this craft is more for artsy photos, more things rather then people... but I had way too many photos I wanted to display- I couldn't help it!

Cut out your photo

Coat your photo with paint. You need to make sure you coat it evenly, or else you will get weird bumps in your final product. To achieve this, avoid pressing the paint brush to hard into the photo, try to gentley stroke the photo with your brush. Also you might want to  use a bigger brush than I did

Now quickly, before your paper dries, paint your tiles with some paint and blot it with the sponge... this will make sure it is even
The reason why I didn't do this with the picture is because it doesn't let you get a very thick coat of glue

Use two fingers to gently smooth out all the bumps, air bubbles, and creases
One important thing to note at this stage is that the paper will rip very easily, and the top layer of the paper might come off, leaving just a white space :( watch out!

Generously Mod-Podge any excess paper you have hanging over the side and then smooth it down over the side of the tile

Once again, paint the photo with your mod-podge, but this time on the coloured side
I've never experienced the ink running, but it is totally possible that that could happen... however I'm sure it would add to the painting feel

This step is optional... If you can get an even enough coat of paint on the top with just your paint brush, then you can just leave it at that... but I find blotting a sponge over the picture gives it a great painting like texture :)

Now that I have figured out how to make these, I'm going to go whip up a bunch for my grandma so maybe she will forgive digital cameras and the technological revolution :)

Tips and Other Stuff
♥ Even if you think you totally screwed up, wait till the next day. Although it may appear dry, but it really takes about 12 hours for it to be completely dry
 This takes a couple of tries to get a hang of... don't get discouraged, and just try some different techniques... for example, more glue, less glue, et cetera


♥ Olivia


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