Monday, 12 November 2012

Tin Can Lanterns

So I saw a picture of something like this on the internet a while ago, but I could never find a tutorial for it, so I thought I would make one myself!

Your Materials:
♥ Sharpie
♥ A press drill- you can use a hand drill if you are desperate; however, that might be a bit of a challenge to hold! I got my dad to help me, but if you don't have someone as tool savvy in your life, then here is a link to a video to teach you how to use one :)
♥ And a tin can- Any tin can will do... this is just a can I got from some pumpkin I used for my scones...

Here are the scones!

First: Draw a guide for where you want to drill your holes. I like hearts but you could really do anything

Next: Pick your drill bit. I used a 1/8 bit, but I'm sure anything will do. You don't want it too small, or else you won't be able to see the light poking through... but you also don't want it too large or else it will just look strange.
When you lower the drill onto the can, make sure to go slow. The can has a tendency to jump away from the  drill, so if you let the drill lightly graze the can at first, then you can make an indent that will keep the drill in place.

Watch out! The holes will be sharp! I learned this the hard way :(
You can try to sand it down, but I think it's just easier to just slap a "caution" sign on it and let it be

Lastly: You can wash off any remaining sharpie using nail polish remover and a cotton swab.... Also, your can will probably have some glue residue left over from the label. For that, I found this stuff called "Goof Off" at Canadian Tire. It is AWESOME. It completely takes off that nasty left over glue off anything. I recommend you invest in this stuff... but I also recommend you only use this outdoors- the smell is very strong!

And there you have it!
Your own tin can lantern!
I can just imagine a bunch of these strung up in a tree or something... beautiful!
(fyi, I had to brave the rain and Canadian Cold to take that photo! What I do for my crafts ;)

I have heard of people filling the can with water, freezing it, and then using a hammer and nail to punch out the design, which seems like a good option for those who don't have a press drill

More crafts to come soon!
Write any questions you have in the comment section...
Hope you all have a great week

♥ Olivia


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