Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lace Phone Case

Rachel and her phone case... beautiful isn't it?
So as I was desperately trying to forget my impending history paper due on Friday (good news, I successfully forgot about the essay!), I happened to come upon my new favorite blog... Hey, Look What I Made
If you are into studs and sparkles, or if you just want a laugh, I strongly suggest heading over to this blog here

So continuing with my story, I found a post describing how to make your own lace iPhone case...yay!
I have been pretty board with my iPhone case lately. It's magenta, and boring. But buying a new phone case is not something I'm into. I'm not made of money! So I was pretty stoked on this discovery

This is how mine turned out
So I just wanted to share with you my  iPhone case lacifying journey
I'm not going to really include many instructions, because her blog does an awesome job of explaining what to do (link here), but I encountered a few problems and obstacles along my way, so I will include some important tips I think you should know

Here are my supplies... a note about each
The phone case- I was worried over whether my iskin solo gel case would work as well as a  hard phone case would. I tried both and they were fine! I'm not so sure about those really flexible TNA/Aritzia phone cases, but it's worth a try! But you may want to try to  sand down any phone case you use just so it sticks better!
 The spray paint- When I was at Canadian Tire getting my paints, I actually had to get the guy working there to help me pick an appropriate spray paint. If you are too shy to do this, then I'll let you know what he told me... It doesn't really make that much of a difference. Most brands are fine, I just happened to purchase all Krylon paints. But try to make sure that it is made for plastic, not wood. I used Navy and gold which I thought looked a bit nicer*

*To be honest... the reason why I didn't use black and gold like Melissa is probably less about navy's aesthetic qualities, and more about the fact that my old high school's colours are black and gold... I don't want my high school friends to make fun of me! 

Do this outside! That's a good tip, hey? I know that is pretty obvious... but I didn't really take my own advice and house reeked! So here a picture of when I decided to open my garage door... good thinking Olivia

Don't go crazy with the paint! Do thin layers and let it dry in between... think nail polish... having said that, with many varieties of spray paint, if you let it stand for too long (usually 24 hours) than you can't paint it again. I was curious as to why this was the case... I discovered it was because it makes the paint crack like the OPI cracking nail polish. So now I have a cracked up iPhone case... anyone want it?

Wear gloves! You probably don't really want this stuff on your hands. But who am I to tell you what to do?Maybe you're into that... in which case I'm not judging

The right kind of lace
This is my greatest tip. I completely ruined my case on my first attempt
Are you listening? Want me to say it again?
There you go, I said it 3 more times
But seriously though guys. On my first try, my lace had very small holes, so you couldn't see any design or pattern on the case. It kind of just looked like scales on my case... like snake skin. Which sounds a lot more cool than it really is
My favorite thing about lace is the beautiful floral patterns, so if you want that to shine though, use a) a floral lace and b) a porous lace
The picture above is the right kind of lace

Also, do a few coats of your second colour before removing the lace... because once you take your lace off there is no going back!

Shake shake shake!
Shake your spray paint!

Also, once you are done PUT A SEAL ON IT! Mod Podge doesn't work unfortunately... I tried. Try clear nail polish :)

And there you go! Go to Melissa's blog and make your own beautiful, lovely, stunning, lacey, chic, floral, gorgeous phone case (link here again)
Now I get to enjoy going back to my history class... did you guys know that pretty much the entire Pocahontas movie is a lie? Professor Coll, you are a killer of childhood dreams and happiness

Thanks to my beautiful friend Rachel... look at how much fun she is!

♥ Olivia