Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Ombre Nail

 Are you guys ready for the Ombre nail tutorial? Lately it's been all ombre, all the time. Ombre hair, ombre cakes, you name it... and now ombre nails.
This is probably my favorite nail design; however, this trick is pretty hard to get a hang off
So grab your makeup sponge, and 2-3 shades of nail polish, and get ready to ombre (is that a verb?) your nails 

As always, push down your cuticles, file your nail, wipe once with nail polish remover to make sure your nail is clean and oil free, and apply a base coat

Paint your nails with your base colour. You probably want to use your lighter colour on the bottom and your darker colour on the top. It just makes things a little easier.
Here I am using Minted by Revlon (stole it from my friend Kennedy because she's gone for the weekend... shhh don' tell her)

While those dry (and you want them completely dry before you start), cut up your sponge. This will just help you save your sponges as you will have more surface area to work with. Try to cut them so they are roughly the width of your nail... this will make the clean up at the end a little easier. Speaking of cleanup, you may want to smear some Vaseline on the skin around your nails so that you have an easier time cleaning up the manicure at the end... but this shouldn't get that messy, not like the Water Marble Tutorial!!

I have read a lot of tutorials on this, and watched a lot of videos on this technique, and there are a lot of different ways to do this. I have tried them all I think, and this is the one that works best for me. I will link some different kinds of tutorials at the end, in case you find those easier, but my technique is honestly the easiest

First, dab your second colour onto your sponge. Be liberal!
I am using some dollar store brand for my secondary colour, called Electric Pink

Now, dab your second colour on your nail. Start from the top, and work your way down. The point is, the top of your nail will get 3 dabs, the part below that will get 2 dabs, and the lowest part will get 1 dab. What way you will get a fading effect
make a gif image

As you can see in this picture, the result of using a sponge will be bumpy! So its vital you use a top clear  coat!

And there you go!

In case that was too confusing for you, or if you don't like the way I do it, here are some links to some other tutorials!
Here, they apply both colours on the sponge, on top of a white base coat:
Here is a great video:
Tips and Other Things:
  This trick may take a few tries, and finding your own way to do it will take a lot of trial and error... bear with it!!!
   If your nail polish isn't going on smoothly, you can either
a) put it in the fridge (nail polish hates warm temps) for a while
b) Add a few drops of nail polish remover to your nail polish (you can also do this if you are running low on your favorite colour)
    When filing your nails, make sure to move the file in only one direction (none of this side to side nonsense) or else you may ruin your nail bed
   If you are messy with your nail painting, try smearing some Vaseline on the skin around your nail... this will make sure that when you are done, you can just wipe off the nail polish around your nail easily
   If you let each coat dry before applying the next, then you will have a longer lasting mani... but who has time for that!?
 If you look at the first photo at the top of the tutorial of the ombre nails, there is an orange and yellow nail. For that I used yellow as my base, and then orange for the secondary colour, but then I also added a "in between" colour to help blend it easier (it was a light salmon colour)

If you guys have any questions, you can email me at, or easier yet, leave a comment bellow! Also, if you are curious about what colours I used in any of the pictures in this tutorial, let me know! I will try to find that out for you... I did some of these a while ago

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