Sunday, 13 January 2013

Watermelon Nails

When I was a kid, whenever I wanted to look sweet or cool (as the kids say), I would just get my sister to paint my nails for me. The things she can do with a nail polish brush is crazy
But soon my sister moved away to university and I had to learn how to paint my nails myself... so here is my first nail tutorial, The Watermelon, which I copied from my sister Ulianna.... enjoy!

(The last time I tried copying something from my sister she ended up burying me in the snow.... so hopefully I have better luck this time)

The two colours that I used are, I think, Sorbet and Lime from NYX. NYX is a pretty good quality nail polish, it comes in a lot of different colours .. and it's cheep! But really any pink/red and lime green will work for this DIY
You will also want: 
♥ any coloured brown or black nailpolish
♥ A tooth pick     
♥ french manicure strips

1. push down cuticles, file your nail, wipe once with nail polish remover to make sure your nail is clean and oil free, and apply a base coat
2. Paint your nail pink... give it a few coats if needed
3. Apply the strip about 2-3mm above the cuticle (fg.1)... smooth down the strip to ensure there are no air bubbles
4. Paint the lower part of your nail green (fg.2)
5. Dab on a bit of your black nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper or something, get a small amount on your toothpick, and draw little back watermelon seeds onto your nail.... you may want to practice this on your paper first. You can either choose to draw the seeds randomly (think: the stars in the sky), or in neat rows (fg.3)
6. Add a top coat
7. TA-DA! (fg.4) Allow to dry... Don't touch anything!!

Your now ready to show off your delicious nails

Coming up next: The Water Marble

Tips and Other Things:
 ♥  If your nail polish isn't going on smoothly, you can either
a) put it in the fridge (nail polish hates warm temps) for a while
b) Add a few drops of nail polish remover to your nail polish (you can also do this if you are running low on your favorite colour)
  ♥  When filing your nails, make sure to move the file in only one direction (none of this side to side nonsense) or else you may ruin your nail bed
 ♥  If you are messy with your nail painting, try smearing some Vaseline on the skin around your nail... this will make sure that when you are done, you can just wipe off the nail polish around your nail easily
 ♥  If you let each coat dry before applying the next, then you will have a longer lasting mani... but who has time for that!?

Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekends!

♥  Olivia


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