Monday, 4 February 2013

A Very Boring Weekend

So I was super bored this weekend... This will become apparent when you see what I made

I had been watching pretty much nonstop cake boss all Sunday because all my friends were either on ski trips, with their boyfriends, at home, studying, or just ignoring me because of the Superbowl...
I wanted to practice my cake decorating skills so badly! But I have no kitchen at school... so what to do!
I realized I had some homemade fondant in my fridge from a batch I had made for some of my friends, but I had no cake...
Featuring: the lid of my hairspray, decorated like a cake!
I'm actually pretty embarrassed by this... 

I rolled out the fondant with a sharpie

Molded the flowers

Tied a ribbon around it

And there you go... Olivia's desperately bored dorm room crafts

Maybe next time I'm trapped at University, I'll just go on a walk or something! But hey, I deserve a lazy Sunday, so I'm not too embarrassed by this. I'll make a real cake when I go home this weekend

Hope you guys have a great start to your week

♥ Olivia .


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    1. Thank you! Gotta find something to do on those boring weekends