Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Brandy Melville Style Upcycled Clothes Hangers

Are you sick of having to look at those awful wire hangers? Do your cloths keep slipping out of their place and onto the floor? Well look no further, the answer to your problems is here!
While I was patrolin' around the shops downtown the other day, I stopped by my local Brandy Melville and got totally inspired by their girly fabric clothes hangers... so here is my version!
♥ Glue Gun
♥ Ugly old clothes hanger
♥ Pretty Fabric
 ♥ Yarn- Optional, but highly recommended... 
this is what keeps your clothes from slipping off the hanger!
First: Cut out some long strips of your material... It doesn't really matter how thick it is, mine were about 1 inch thick
Second: Using your glue gun, glue one end of your material to any point along your hanger
Wrap the aforementioned end around the wire and glue it down
like so
Next: Pinch together your material so that it folds in half
Now: Begin wrapping the fabric around the clothes hanger, making sure that you keep pinching it inhalf as you go
Folding it in half just gives the hanger some more bulk, and makes a pretty twisted pattern
When you reach the end of your fabric, just glue it down
It should look something like this
With your next piece of fabric, start it the same as the first, except glue it on top of the end of your last piece of fabric
Don't be afraid of corners! Your hanger should be looking something like this, although it doesn't have to. The funnest part of this craft is getting creative with how you wrap it, and making it beautifully imperfect
Once you get to the top of the hanger, just do your best to maneuver around the tricky parts
At the very end of your hanger (the end of the hook bit), just wrap it around a few times and give it a good gluing! Make sure this part is secure
If you have chosen to add yarn to your hanger, do that now!
I'm using my mom's nice alpaca yarn (shh don't tell... ha ha ha)
I like to wrap it around one way, and then go back over it, but angling another way, so I get a nice
criss-cross pattern
Pinching it in half isn't the only way you can wrap it. You can also try twisting the fabric, as shown in the picture above
This is what it looks like twisted... pretty sweet, but it definitely uses more fabric
And there you go! If you want to make it extra fancy, you can slap on a pretty bow like I did (I just cut out a strip of lace and tied it into a bow)

Have fun displaying your lovely retail goodies... I for one am going to bed
It's 12am and I have morning classes! Time for sleep because I'm going to stop making sense very soon

♥ Olivia



  1. Thanks for posting this! I just stopped into Brandy Melville last night and fell in love with their hangers myself. Can't wait to make my own!

  2. Haha this is so adorable ! Off to buy some fabric, or maybe i'll just cut up an old shirt or scarf :)

    1. yay! awesome :) let me know how it goes!

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