Thursday, 14 February 2013

{Happy Valentine's Day} Valentine's Fortune Cookies

So, being the wild university student I am, I was out patrolin' Martha Stewart's website, and I came across this tutorial for Valentine's Fortune Cookies. Pretty fresh right?
So I thought I would make some for all my friends/the people I follow around, but I made some amendments to the original tutorial to make it easier and more affordable, so I thought I would share it with you here today (for the original tutorial, click here)
♥ Something Round- I used that green roll of tape. You want it to be about 4-5 inches in diameter. I put Hershey kisses and mine and the 5 inches seemed to hold together better
♥ Felt- I used white, pink, red, and magenta... 49 cents at Michaels
♥ Scissors- For felt, you need to use really good scissors or else you're going to have a hell of a time cutting out your fortunes
♥ Paper Clips- Good 'ol Martha says to use floral wire... but I do not own floral wire, and I do not know anyone who does... pipe cleaners would also work great, especially since they would blend in with the felt
♥ Glue Gun- the original recipe calls for craft glue, but I used a glue gun because I thought that would be faster
So draw out your circles on your felt and cut them out
5 4 inch circles should fit on one sheet of felt
Unfold a paper clip and get it as straight as possible and then glue it up with your glue gun
Stick it right in the middle of your piece of felt. If your paper clip is longer than the piece of felt, than you can either cut your paper clip, or just bend it until it breaks
If you don't like the look of a paper clip in the middle of your piece of felt, you can cut out a strip of felt and glue it on top of the wire
Pop in some goodies and treats
And make sure to add in a cheesy fortune!
Pinch together the two wireless sides of your fortune cookies, and then fold down the two wired sides
And there you go!
Hope you guys had a great Valentine's day! I know I did... look at all those cute happy faces!
Love you to my friends. Love you to my family. And love you to you guys!

♥ Olivia


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