Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's time for Tuesday's Tunes! And this time it's actually on a Tuesday...
This week we are listening to Lennon and Maisy's cover of "Call your Girlfriend"
I'm about to blow your mind, guys

They are TWELVE and EIGHT! How insane is that!?
When I was 8, I was still having trouble drawing hand turkeys!
And they both play guitar like little angels in their other videos

So this sparked a little argument between me and ma boyfriend Alexander
Allegedly, he used to be a very good guitar player, but I cannot verify this because I've never heard him play!
For the past two years I have begged and pleaded and nothing. He says he doesn't have time and that it's to hard to relearn it because he is out of practice. So I foolishly bet him that I would learn it no problem...

So now I have his guitar sitting in my room... and I will admit I entered into this bet a little bit too confidently. I think I thought my background in piano would make it easy, but really I think it's done more harm than good. I don't understand this fret nonsense!

Anyways, as always, have an awesome day. Hopefully that video has inspired you to learn something new or do something sweet... or maybe you're like me and it's just made you feel sort of lame because two preteens are about 100x more talented than I will ever be
 Oh well

Thanks to Kennedy for the song! You better be studying for our Natural Disasters Group Quiz!

♥ Olivia

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